Skin Treatments

Enhance your appearance at the Allure medspa Cosmetic Treatment Center. Thanks to modern lasers and other advanced treatments, you can feel confident and look your best by removing unwanted hair, wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage and rejuvenate your skin.
We offer non-surgical cosmetic treatments, including Botox® Cosmetic, microdermabrasion, laser hair reduction, photo rejuvenation and inflammatory acne laser treatments. We also carry mineral cosmetics and physician-grade, prescription-strength skin care products to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.

Our Cosmetic physician is trained to care for your appearance as well as your health. Call today to schedule a consultation with a physician who will develop your Personalized Treatment Plan.

Botox Muscle Relaxing

Botox Muscle Relaxing injections are an FDA approved medication that works by relaxing the muscles in the face that cause wrinkles. Botox is frequently used for reducing fine lines on the forehead, around the eyes and around the mouth. There are several other places that Botox can also be placed to enhance aesthetic appearance.The most commonly treated areas include wrinkles around the eyes (“crows feet, forehead lines, and lines between the eyes.)

Every time you smile or frown, you set off a series of contractions in the underlying muscles of your face. As these muscles expand and contract, they crease your skin with an unflattering pattern of lines.

A quick, safe and simple procedure involving Botox Muscle Relaxing injections can smooth out those lines and wrinkles on the upper part of your face, giving you a more relaxed and youthful appearance which can last for several months.

Dark Circle Reduction Under Eyes

For many people, dark circles under the eyes are simply irritants to be covered up with concealer or to treat with relaxed mind with home ayurvedic remedies. But for some, the shadows circle below the eyes can be so dark and the puffiness so overwhelming that more permanent solutions are necessary. Once you’ve determined that customary treatments will never reduce the bags under your eyes it may be time to get them treated by undergoing Dark Circle Surgery/Treatment.

There are many procedures to remove dark circles depending on their causes. People whose dark circles are caused by hyper pigmentation can use simple treatment such as bleaching creams while others must resort to painful laser or grafting procedures. Below is a list of typical procedures to remove under eye circles caused by hyper pigmentation:

What Causes Dark Under-Eye Circles

Dark circles, or bags under your eyes, have many causes. These include:

  • Increased melanin (also called hyperpigmentation)
  • Fat loss beneath the eye
  • Broken blood vessels

Hard living — too much caffeine and tobacco and too little sleep — is a less common cause of dark circles, eye puffiness and bags.

Dark Circles Reduction Treatment:

Hyper pigmentation or darkening of the skin is one of the many of reasons of dark circles. It outcomes because of an increased production of melanin. We at allure medspa applies special skin peel. It is medium peel and need to apply for almost eight hours. After one hr. in doctor observation, you can go back to home. We give you cream to apply at home to maintain the result. Our cosmetologist may also recommend you microdermabrasion, IPL or laser treatment along with peel, if required.